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sasqwatch sighted

sasqwatch sighted

Sighted! Hollywood, CA 9:04am PST

Bigfoot Sudan
Sudanese cattle. 8:13am East African time!

Bigfoot Lodge
Atwater Village, California. 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time. It's Happy Hour!

Loren Coleman
Sighted! Tyler,TX 2:37pm Loren Coleman from Cryptomundo.com ponders Bigfoot with his bark Sasqwatch.

Sassy Sighted
Sighted! 2:40 PST, San Francisco CA

sighted sasqwatch

sighted sasqwatch

Bigfoot Cyptomundo
Sighted! Sequoia National Park. Largest tree in the world. 4:00 PST

Bigfoot Cyptomundo
Craig Woolheater from Cryptomundo.com looks pensive whilst sporting the Sassy Sasqwatch.

Bob Gimlin
Sighted! Tyler, TX 3:15pm Bob Gimlin sports his bark Sasqwatch.

Sasqwatch Yellowstone
Sighted! 12:30pm MST - "Old Faithful" Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
USA SPC Mike McCafferty of the 67th Army Band/Crypto Unit. 

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